Artisan Consulting can provide the following services (Company Overview Presentation):

Salesforce Initial Implementation

  • For organisations wishing to deploy Salesforce for the first time
  • Delivery phases: strategy, requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, training and support
  • “Minimum Viable Product” approach with agile evolution in response to prioritised business needs

Salesforce Program Delivery

  • Embed a team of Artisans inside your organisation
  • Work through backlog items in priority order
  • Capacity funded engagement model accepting requirements evolve over time

Salesforce Project Delivery

  • Based around an agreed statement of work
  • Usually an initial phase (on a time & materials basis) to clarify and agree business requirements
  • Capital funded engagement model working from agreed requirements plus change requests

Salesforce Architecture Health Check

  • Assess and document Salesforce overall health with recommendations for improvement
  • Discover Salesforce current state, desired future state, and a roadmap to get there
  • Typically two to three weeks but can be longer for really complex Salesforce implementations
  • Click here to review a sample health check report

Salesforce Rescue Mission

  • Assess root cases for challenges being experienced
  • Centre of Excellence establishment to apply best practice governance
  • Resolve instability or performance issues and regain project delivery momentum

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