Hand-crafted Salesforce solutions delivered with care…

Each team we deploy includes the artisans with the skills necessary to deliver complex Salesforce solutions with agility.  How large the team needs to be (or even how many teams are required) depends on the size and complexity of your Salesforce program.

Each team typically covers these areas:

  • Program/Project Management – delivering a viable solution within commercial constraints
  • Architecture – making sound design choices aligned with your IT roadmap and Salesforce’s capability
  • Analysis – clarifying desired business outcomes and their relative priority
  • Configuration and Development – engineering quality outcomes using Salesforce
  • Test – ensuring solution stability and adequacy by identifying and addressing quality issues
  • User Experience – enhancing user effectiveness with better design and well managed change
  • Release Management – smooth deployments and ongoing operational governance

Artisan can guide and support your Salesforce implementation through these services:

  • Digital Strategy and Transformation Advice
  • Program/Project Delivery
  • Expert Services Review
  • Data Quality Architecture and Remediation
  • Vendor (Salesforce and Salesforce Partner) Management
  • Rescue Missions…

Artisan is flexible in how each client wishes to be engaged.  Experience operating agile teams at scale does indicate better outcomes are achieved with a capacity funded team working through an evolving backlog of change requests in priority order.  Engagement options include:

  • Agile delivery team for a fixed monthly fee (preferred option)
  • Project delivery for a fixed price or a “best guess” estimate depending on the quality and clarity of requirements
  • Experts providing operational support to the administration team on an retainer or hourly basis